The Golden Spiral of Consciousness – Spiritual Inspiration and Enlightenment Through Art and Science

Flower of Life and Spiritual Transcendence    

The golden ratio or spiral is a unique relation existing in the universe between the whole and the part and has been in our consciousness for over 4000 years. Out of the golden ratio rises the golden spiral, whose familiar coil shape can be found everywhere in nature, such as in the structure of our DNA and fingerprints, sunflowers and seashells, storm clouds and tornadoes. Even a star cluster nebula like the Milky Way. The golden spiral, also called the flower of life, is a twirling pattern that forms out from a rectangle which has the golden ratio. What this means is–when this rectangle is squared, it leaves a smaller rectangle behind, and this smaller rectangle also has the same golden ratio as the original and when this is squared this also leaves a smaller rectangle behind and this continues on until the shapes become so small you can’t see them anymore. In other words, it goes on forever.

When you connect a curve through the opposite corners of these concentric rectangles, you form the golden spiral and the fact that it shows up in many growth patterns of plants, animals and even whole galaxies, makes us wonder if this unique shape is not the pattern of life. The principles of the golden spiral can also be seen in the design of buildings and architecture, as well as in art and literature. Golden proportions are to be found in music and even light. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese all depict golden ratio in their artwork. The Egyptians were probably the first to combine mathematics with art in the design of their pyramids. Pythagoras discovered the golden proportions of the human body and this has been portrayed by artists throughout the history of Greek art. Leonardo De Vinci found inspiration in the mathematics of art and nature and is almost certain he painted to conform to the golden ratio–especially the proportions set out in the Mona Lisa. 

Literature can draw on the golden ratio in the structure of words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters and pictures. Just as we see the existence of the spiral in our fingerprints and galaxies and in the creation of pyramids and paintings, the golden ratio also appears inside pages of a book, including the design of the cover, and this can be incredibly awe inspiring for the reader. This pattern of nature can be seen inside many art forms and has a universally stimulating effect on the mind. Enlightenment may be part of this pattern–a communication that is connecting consciousness through the language of the Universe.

Look at the soul as being a bridge between your mind and the intangible essence of your spirit, and that it is gently guiding your mind through a doorway of transcendence to a higher plane of awareness. By bringing the flower of life to words and pictures it can spiral your consciousness to a realization greater than itself. The golden spiral can spiral you to soul awakening. The flower of life transcends itself from the physical-mathematical form by which it is more commonly known (sacred geometry), into a spiritual equivalent we call unconditional love. This little flower of life transforms into the pattern of love. Truth seekers, poets and prophets teach love as being at the centre of all things. When your soul connects consciousness with the golden spiral you become love. Love is the infinite pattern of the Universe. And so are you. 

Our world needs to undergo an incredible transformation. We must heal our emotions and weary bodies. We should sincerely connect to spirit and love–the intrinsic nature in everything.

Most cultures throughout history, from Aztec to the Celtic, have documented a significant correlation with physical form and spirituality, clearly expressed through their art and sacred geometry, like the mandala; these beautiful, mesmerizing patterns bearing ritual and spiritual significance. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung identified with the mandala saying it was a representation of the unconscious self and believed these patterns were a means towards wholeness in personality. The discovery of the Mandelbrot Set, named after Benoit Mandelbrot, is a collection of numbers that form fractals.

These are objects that display self-similarity at various scales, and so we can journey into the wondrous world of fractal geometry, gliding through never-ending self-similarity repeating patterns arising from a simple definition. Quantum physicists show us that the substance of our reality is shaped, if not created, by our own consciousness. Both old and new worlds of thought now come together as science greets spirituality in a uniform field of thought. The Universe speaks to us and we ought to listen.

Science and Spirituality Emerge – The Attunement With All That Is

Attunement is a concept well known in Yoga philosophy. It was first introduced to the western world by Parmahansa Yogananda in the 1920’s.

Attunement simply means the ability of an original system to attune itself with, and have access to, a particular form of energy.

The better our attunement with Tachyon, and its inherent perfect potential, the more likely we are to evolve ourselves into higher levels of physical, mental, and emotional order and balance. Spiritual growth is the reason we are here, in this body.

Tachyon supplies our system with the pure potential which translates to our experience of attunement with All That Is.

This applies to the reorganization of just a cell, to DNA, to one particular molecule, hormone, gland, or organ in our body, and to our entire body-mind-spirit complex.

Tachyon is the key element that enables everyone, regardless of his or her level of spiritual awareness or background, to become more attuned to the universal Life Force and inherently perfect intelligence of the Zero-Point Energy Field.

The biggest difference between Tachyon and subtle energy is that the effects of Tachyon are unlimited. Of course, the results produced by Tachyon are directly influenced by our own body-mind-spirit complex. How dramatic, transformative, and deep the effects go depends on both our willingness to change and our readiness to reach a higher level of order. We cannot forcefully accomplish anything through Tachyon. This is a big advantage because it reduces the possibility of unwanted side effects.

Therefore, Tachyon is something totally different and cannot be compared to any other form of energetic medicine or subtle energy amplifiers. Tachyon reorganizes the entire body-mind-spirit complex on higher levels of order and balance. It is the source energy that connects us all.

In 1990 David Wagner invented the Tachyonization process. The patentable process restructures natural materials at the sub-molecular level creating permanent Tachyon antennas. With this breakthrough, the process of attunement has been catapulted to a new level. Everyone, regardless of background, now has the opportunity to balance almost any natural process.

We have utilized various energy modalities with great benefits. The addition of Tachyon has been a major advancement for us and our clientele. Used in conjunction with other energy modalities or as a stand alone therapy, the benefits are very rewarding.

Tachyon = A New Paradigm In Holistic Wellness – Are you ready to experience complete wellness in body – soul – spirit.

Beyond the Tao of Physics – The Spirituality of Science

Physics: A link to the past

It has been a third of a century since Fritjof Capra’s bestselling book The Tao of Physics. Capra related the similarities between the physics and cosmology of the time (1975) to Eastern mysticism. Since then scores of scientific discoveries have left scientists mystified and the general public stymied.

In order to make observations fit into theory, scientists have recently proposed that 96% of the universe is missing dark matter and dark energy, that space is not empty but full of energy, that there are at least seven concealed dimensions, that the “fundamental particles” in Capra’s book are not fundamental, that there are an infinity of parallel universes, that the universe is but information, and that simply knowing an organism’s DNA sequence does not reveal the secret of life.

Capra’s book suggested a theory in which everything is interconnected and manifests only with consciousness. Do the recent scientific assertions support this? Yes. But they also go well beyond just Eastern mysticism and intimate the original teachings of religions and the ancient spiritual teachings of all the world’s cultures. Capra predicted that new scientific revelations would lead to a more accurate portrait of our world. Indeed, in less than four decades we have a new world-view.

21st-century science: A beacon of light into the spiritual

I have collated cosmology, physics, biology, and other sciences with spiritual teachings and discovered that a new truth is emerging. Science of this century has caught up with spiritual teachings several millennia old. To understand the new truth we must comprehend that the universe is mental and spiritual, that matter is a convenient metaphor used by humans to make sense of our world, that our senses gasp but a billionth of what is out there, that the big questions such as the origin of life, the genesis of the universe, and the nature of reality still have no satisfactory scientific explanations.

Yet the astounding discoveries in recent years inch us closer to appreciating the inscrutable depictions of reality from Eastern mysticism as well as spiritual teachings from all ancient cultures. I have sought to bridge the gap between science and spirituality by explaining recent scientific discoveries dealing with our origins, reality, misperceptions, body/mind, consciousness, spirituality, and afterlife.

My journey took me on a tour of the mind-boggling scientific concepts of the creation of the universe, life, and humankind. New theories reveal a startling view of reality. Recent breakthroughs explain how mind and consciousness emerge from body and brain, overturning previous dogmas and offering new healing methods. New studies provide fascinating insights into the possibility of an afterlife. Comparing 21st-century science with spiritual beliefs, I discovered how the rift between science and spirituality can be healed.