Spirituality and Wealth

A thorny subject, I know. I have to say though that I’ve never bought into the idea that there is a contradiction between being wealthy and being spiritual or religious. For me wealth and spirituality go hand in hand. How is it possible that the intention was for us to be financially bankrupt and spiritually wealthy – it seems to me that these two concepts are the ones that are in conflict with each other?

I’ve always believed that there are powers beyond ourselves that help us with living our lives, so I’ve always been a spiritual person. I’ve heard many people say that old adage, `money is the route of all evil’. I don’t believe this is the truth – I believe the crux of the matter is how we choose to use the money we have, how we choose to use it to the benefit of ourselves and how we choose to use it to the benefit of others.

A friend once said to me, he doesn’t want to be comfortable in relation to having money – instead he made a very clear and bold statement that he wants to be wealthy. And the reason he gave for this is he felt that being comfortable is in fact a selfish act because then he isn’t in a position to help anyone else.

Having wealth, it seems to me, isn’t about being greedy – it is in fact about opening up the choices we create in our lives and in creating those choices, I believe we place ourselves in a place where we can be actively spiritual without having to be stressed out paying the mortgage, paying the rent, buying clothes for our children, buying food, buying gas etc etc etc.

So here’s my challenge – it’s about finding ways of bringing wealth creation and spirituality together. Creating wealth that meets our own integrity standards is of course also very important, because if we follow the concepts of evil – this only becomes present when we don’t live with integrity and high values.

The marrying of spirituality and wealth benefits every one of us.